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Picture of World History: The Big Eras Expanded Edition (NH188BPrint)

World History: The Big Eras Expanded Edition (NH188BPrint)

World History for Us All: The Big Eras: A Compact History of Humankind for Teachers and Students **NOW AVAILABLE**

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See NH188C for edition for grades 6-10

World History: The Big Eras Expanded EditionThis edition tracks the human adventure from the time of our earliest bipedal ancestors to today, with new maps and additional documents to better guide your students through world history. This innovative contribution to the study of world history on a very large scale was authored by Edmund Burke III, Prof. of History at UC  Santa Cruz; David Christian, Prof. of History at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia; and Ross E. Dunn, Professor Emeritus of History at San Diego State University.

World History: The Big Eras brings together in a seamless world-scale narrative historical essays that appear in World History for Us All, the model curriculum for world history available on line at Published in workbook format, this slim volume will be a valuable companion to all educators who use the electronic resources of World History for Us All. It also stands alone as a brief history of humankind, inviting teachers, students, and all global educators to explore the past on big scales. 



Chapter One: Humans in the Universe

Chapter Two: Human Beings Almost Everywhere

Chapter Three: Farming and the Emergence of Complex Societies

Chapter Four: Expanding Networks of Exchange and Encounter

Chapter FivePatterns of Interregional Unity

Chapter Six: The Great Convergence

Chapter Seven: Industrialization and its Consequences

Chapter Eight: A Half-Century of Crisis 

Chapter Nine: Paradoxes of Global Acceleration

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Solid and simple
I'll be using this as a textbook this year. My students enjoy the clarity of the message. Perfect for a non-AP World History course.

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