World History: The Big Eras Expanded Edition (NH188BPrint)

World History for Us All: The Big Eras: A Compact History of Humankind for Teachers and Students **NOW AVAILABLE**


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This edition tracks the human adventure from the time of our earliest bipedal ancestors to today, with new maps and additional documents to better guide your students through world history. This innovative contribution to the study of world history on a very large scale was authored by Edmund Burke III, Prof. of History at UC Santa Cruz; David Christian, Prof. of History at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia; and Ross E. Dunn, Professor Emeritus of History at San Diego State University.


World History: The Big Eras brings together in a seamless world-scale narrative historical essays that appear in World History for Us All, the model curriculum for world history available on line at Published in workbook format, this slim volume will be a valuable companion to all educators who use the electronic resources of World History for Us All. It also stands alone as a brief history of humankind, inviting teachers, students, and all global educators to explore the past on big scales.




Chapters Chapter One: Humans in the Universe
Chapter Two: Human Beings Almost Everywhere
Chapter Three: Farming and the Emergence of Complex Societies
Chapter Four: Expanding Networks of Exchange and Encounter
Chapter Five: Patterns of Interregional Unity
Chapter Six: The Great Convergence
Chapter Seven: Industrialization and its Consequences
Chapter Eight: A Half-Century of Crisis
Chapter Nine: Paradoxes of Global Acceleration


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The newest resource from the National Center of History in the Schools is "World History: The Big Eras." This document deserves a place on the desk of every teacher of world history at the secondary school level, from middle schools to high schools to Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes. The essays featured in this teaching guide take students and teachers far beyond the superficial textbooks, dull standards, and specious themes and "big ideas" found in too many classrooms. Used in conjunction with the World History for Us All electronic resources, "The Big Eras" provides a rigorous, relevant, and compelling context in which to ponder the history of our world.

-- Kirk Ankeney
Principal, San Diego High School of International Studies br />Former Chair, California History-Social Science Curriculum Framework Committee

World History: The Big Eras tells a story of historical change at a grand spatial and temporal scale, and that makes it an invaluable resource for teachers and students. Absent such a big picture, teachers and students are forced to turn world history into one darn thing after another in one darn place after another. In crafting this era-by-era interpretation, Burke, Christian, and Dunn offer a valuable frame to support thinking and to help students make meaningful connections while also encouraging them to re-evaluate. I can think of no other resource as important to history teachers and students as World History: The Big Eras. It should be on every world history teacher's and every teacher-educator's reading list.

-- Bob Bain
University of Michigan

I was assigned a Social Studies prep this year and struggled to deliver content effectively. It is still a challenge, but my burden has been lightened considerably by the "History For Us All" curriculum. Incredible work! Many thanks for making these resources available. It has transformed my classroom for the better.

-- -- Natalie Lewis
Middle Years Programme Mathematics & Science Teacher
Island Academy International School (Antigua, West Indies

World History: The Big Eras Expanded Edition (NH188BPrint) NH188B
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