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National Center for History in the Schools, UCLA (NCHS)



NCHS is gearing up to meet your text and curriculum unit needs for the academic year 2016-17.  To assure the availability of all our publications, this summer we will be printing up a storm of new editions of our products.  To make room for the new inventory, we have slashed the prices on the last few copies of some of our most popular titles.  Order now to ensure you get the units you want.  Stock is extremely limited.  Sale prices are limited to stock on hand.  When these copies are gone so are these prices.

On Sale Now:

Emperor Ashoka of India:  What Makes a Ruler Legitimate - $5.95

In the Aftermath of War:  Cultural Clashes in the 1920s - $5.95

Coping with Catastrophe: The Black Death - $7.95

The Constitution in Crisis:  The Red Scare of 1919-1920 - $4.95

Wang Mang:  Confucian Success or Failure? - $2.95

Mexican Immigration to the United States 1900-1999 - $4.95

Mao and Gandhi:  Alternate Paths  - $6.95

Rosie's Daughters -  $5.00    

ON LINE orders only

Quantity discounts are not available

Limited to stock on hand


Many NCHS publications are available as EBooks

Accessible for immediate download upon purchase

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