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Gary B. Nash's "Forbidden Love:  The Hidden History of Mixed-Race America"

Forbidden Love is about our most enduring problem: race.  Racial categories—black,white, Asian, Indian, Latin, Teutonic, Semitic—seem to prove how different one group of human beings from another.  But when you look at the so-called races, the categories crumble.  Your race does not come from your genes or the blood that flows through your veins, but from the beliefs of the people around you.  Racial classifications are definitions placed on already mixed populations in an effort to give these highly diverse groups essential and binding characteristics.  Forbidden Love shows how people have tried to separate humanity into such groupings.  It shows the harms that racial categorization has caused, how a nation of immigrants from every corner of the earth has wrestled with this problem, and how we have painfully begun to recognize that the only race is the human race….

--From the introduction to Forbidden Love

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