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Picture of Mao and Gandhi (NH168Print)

Mao and Gandhi (NH168Print)

Reproducible, document-based teaching unit


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Mao and Gandhi OUT OF PRINT
A reproducible, document-based teaching unit


NH168 is the printed format

This title is also available for immediate download in digital format as NH168Ebook

Despite their mutual commitment to social justice and nation-building, Gandhi and Mao offer two contrasting styles of leadership— one nonviolent and the other based on the premise that political power comes from force. This unit will compare and contrast these two major leaders in terms of both the objectives they sought to achieve and the methods they used to carry out their programs.

Grades 9-12

Lesson One: Mao's and Gandhi's Attitudes toward Violence as a Means of Effecting Social  Change
Lesson Three: The Long March and the Salt March
Lesson Four: A Comparison of Mao's and Gandhi's Approaches to Development
Lesson Five: Mao's and Gandhi's views on The Distribution of Wealth and their Attitudes toward the Rich
Lesson Six: Application of Gandhi's and Mao's Approaches to Reform
Lesson Seven: Speaking with Images