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Three Worlds Meet (NH115)

Reproducible, document-based teaching unit

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Three Worlds Meet
A reproducible, document-based teaching unit


NH115 is the printed format

This title is also available for immediate download in digital format as NH115Ebook 

Drawing on a wide variety of sources, this unit allows students to explore the Columbian Encounter from the perspective of Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans. Lessons include North American and European maps, pictures of Native American artifacts, and written documents taken from the Aztecs, Columbus’s log, Bartolomé de Las Casas, etc. This unit traces the background of the encounters, motives for exploration, and shipboard life.

Grades 5-8

Lesson One: The Changing European World View
Lesson Two: The Many Peoples of the Americas
Lesson Three: The First Voyage- Motives and Shipboard Conditions
Lesson Four: First Encounters
Lesson Five: Relations among the Races
Lesson Six: Seeds of Change and the Colombian Legacy

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