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Picture of The Hardest Struggle (NH177Print)

The Hardest Struggle (NH177Print)

Reproducible, document-based teaching unit

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The Hardest Struggle
A reproducible, document-based teaching unit


NH177 is the printed format

This title is also available for immediate download in digital format as NH177Ebook 

The plight of women in the workplace is vividly illustrated in this unit with primary sources focusing on the reactions of women to the conditions imposed upon them by industrialization, and the attempts made by them to improve conditions through strikes, unionization, and the law, and why those attempts failed. Thought-provoking photographs and documents aid in the understanding of the struggle that ensued and that, in many ways, is still being fought today.

Grades 7-12

Lesson 1: Working Conditions
Lesson 2: Women Workers Fight for Reform
Lesson 3: Progressives Make Reforms

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