Picture of Abraham Lincoln and Slavery (NH124)

Abraham Lincoln and Slavery (NH124)

Reproducible, document-based teaching unit

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Abraham Lincoln and Slavery
A reproducible, document-based teaching unit


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Lessons examine Abraham Lincoln’s attitudes and actions regarding slavery, abolition, the use of African-American troops during the Civil War, and the development and implementation of his emancipation policy. Through primary source documents, students encounter Lincoln’s words in the context of his era from several of his private letters to friends and political advisors, public speeches, and excerpts from the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Other contemporary voices include Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and editorials from "Copperhead" newspapers.

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Grades 8-12

Lesson One: The House Divided-Lincoln's Early Views on Slavery
Lesson Two: The Lincoln's-Douglas Debates
Lesson Three: The Lincoln's Administration and The Evolution of an Anti-Slavery Policy
Lesson Four: Emancipation and African American Troops
Lesson Five: Contemporary View of Lincoln and His Position on Slavery
Lesson Six: Artist Views of The Emancipation Proclamation

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