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National Center for History in the Schools, UCLA (NCHS)



The UCLA National Center for History in the Schools (NCHS) is proud to announce that we are gearing up to begin a new phase of development that will further our mission of enhancing and promoting K-12 education. As part of our next phase, we will be moving toward an e-book model for our teaching units. Our teaching units, developed in collaboration with university faculty and K-12 teachers, contain carefully selected primary source texts, suggested classroom activities, and sample critical thinking questions intended to engage students in historical topics and themes. 

As loyal customers of NCHS and dedicated teachers, we would like to inform you that beginning December 1, 2017 we will no longer be selling hard copies of our teaching units. Please note that we will continue selling our curriculum guides and standards in print as well as e-book/e-pub formats.

Don’t miss this opportunity! 


The 2017 print edition of "A Compact History of Humankind - The History of the World in Big Eras" for grades 6 through 10 is now available for purchase on this website

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