The Industrial Revolution: Simulation (NH153Print)

Reproducible, document-based teaching unit

The Industrial Revolution: Simulation
A reproducible, document-based teaching unit


NH153 is the printed format

This title is also available for immediate download in digital format as NH153Ebook

The Industrial Revolution, often regarded as a European export, was in fact a world-wide movement. This unit asks the question: "How did industrialization affect the lives of individuals, both high and low, around the world?" It includes exciting case studies of 78 individuals from 13 countries whose lives the Industrial Revolution changed, each drawn from both print and secondary sources and including biographies of six individuals of different social classes and occupations who lived during the 1750–1914 era. The materials serve either as individual lessons or as full units involving role playing, simulation, or research projects. The culminating lesson is a "1913 International Conference" that focuses on global issues related to industrialism and imperialism. 

Grades 8-12

Unit contains a teacher manual and a student manual with the following stages:

Stage 1: Students Learn Their Character
Stage 2: Students Learn the Historical Context of Their Character’s Lives
Stage 3: Students Meet as National Delegations
Stage 4: Students Attend the Global Conference of Social Classes


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